The Company

SunMill Solar is a designer and installer of high efficiency photovoltaic (PV) energy generating systems. SunMill Solar is a locally owned and operated business based out of Edmonton servicing Alberta and Western Canada.

Our mission is to deliver solar power that is not only a viable technology in sustainable future energy, but is also a great investment in your home and business.

We design and build solar power systems engineered to reduce or eliminate your dependency on traditional utility grid supplied power. Our systems will allow you to put your electricity costs back in your pocket.

Our team of solar specific trained and certified electricians will design a system that is custom tailored to your energy requirements and installed to meet or exceed the standards of the Canadian Electrical Code. We are a proud member of the Solar Energy Society of Alberta.



Harness the power of Alberta’s excellent solar potential

Add dollar for dollar equity to your property

Offset or eliminate your power bill

An excellent return on investment


Add a positive perception of your company’s environmental consciousness

Lower your utility overhead

Excellent accelerated capital cost allowance asset

Virtually maintenance free


Solar panels are fully recyclable

Induced carbon footprint from manufacturing is eliminated in 2-3 years

Offset large amounts of carbon annually

Capture energy from a free, unlimited power source

Design & engineering

Each installation starts with a personalized on-site assessment and consultation

Every system is custom designed to maximize available space and sun exposure for optimal array output

State of the art equipment and monitoring software allows you to keep track of production and carbon offset

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